Mother Kidnaps Five Year Old Son


Child custody cases can be emotional and full of difficulties in Georgia, and in other states all across the country. Parents simply want what is best for their children, but there are often differing opinions as to just what that is. Recently, one mother landed in trouble with the law after taking her son from his court appointed guardian.

The Wisconsin mother has a five-year-old son, but lost custody of him because she refused to take medication for her medical issues. The courts gave the woman's mother child custody of the young boy. It was also decided that she would not have any visitation rights.

Earlier this month, the woman reportedly showed up at her mother's home around 5 a.m., and took the five-year-old boy. Four hours later, using cell phone tower information, police located the mother in an apartment in a nearby town.

The mother was arrested, and the boy was returned to the maternal grandmother. Police have charged the woman with interfering with child custody. She also has a previous drug charge. She could face up to five and a half years behind bars.

By electing to act on her own outside of the legal system, the mother must now face the criminal charges against her. In the future, she may wish to seek a more appropriate method for involvement in her child's life.

Those in Georgia or elsewhere who are dealing with child custody issues may want to consider seeking out legal advice. An attorney can help sort out custody matters, and help parents come up with a plan that is fair for all parties involved.

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