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Georgia Child Support

Without the right legal representation, a child support issue can create friction between all members of the family. In some instances, the friction could cause permanent fractures or fissures between former spouses. The resulting emotional and psychological damages could be experienced by an entire family.

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Some of the most hotly debated issues during a divorce will almost always involve minor children and financial matters. In certain circumstances, determining the need, amount, and duration of child support will combine two of the most contentious topics in a divorce. For many families, this could be a recipe for disaster.

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Our Marietta divorce attorney at The Herrin Law Firm, P.C. completely understands the difficult nature of child support issues. Our entire legal team can be trusted to inform you of your rights at this time. By retaining our law firm, you will always be working side by side with an experienced and compassionate legal professional who is solely devoted to making certain that your rights are completely protected and your family's integrity remains intact.

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What You Need to Know About Child Support

Child Support Georgia

In order to calculate the amount of child support a parent could receive in the State of Georgia, there are specific guidelines to which separating couples must adhere. Provided by the Georgia Child Support Commission, the guidelines can be used to determine a fair amount of child support. The guidelines are based on an "income shares model," which calculates what the child would have been receiving if both parents were living under the same roof and using a combined income to provide for the child.

Factors for determining the amount of child support a parent could receive may include:

  • Gross income of both parents (including salary, wages, commission, gifts, bonuses, overtime, severance, retirement, interest, and other income)
  • Self-employment income
  • If one parent is paying a preexisting child support order
  • If one parent is supporting his or her children living in the home who are not the subject of the support case or a preexisting child support order
  • Healthcare insurance premiums or other work-related child care costs
  • Other special circumstances, including educational expenses or other special needs

The amount of child support will range case by case. Because families are unique and each has their own set of needs, we make sure to honor and protect the integrity of every person we represent. When you come to The Herrin Law Firm, P.C., you won't be treated as just another file or case. You can receive the close, one-on-one, personalized attention that you deserve.

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If you are seeking a fair child support arrangement or you are in need of a modification in a preexisting child support agreement, please contact our office today. Attorney Parisa N. Herrin has proudly helped men and women throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area create mutually agreeable child support arrangements that satisfy the financial needs and boundaries of all parties involved in a divorce.

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