“Extremely satisfied with the whole process”
    I was reffered to Parisa from a friend of mine that said , if you want someone to fight for you and your daughter, Then she's the one. I had a custody hearing where my ex-wife was trying to take my daughter out of state. With a not so great past, I didn't think I stood a shot. Not only did she stop the move, Parisa made sure I was able to get my daughter more often and pay less child support.
    “I think The Herrin Law Firm is the best choice.”
    I am a Father currently being represented by the Herrin Law Firm. Firstly I'd like to say that after the FREE consultation, I was shown the retainer and all charges and handed those in a packet to reference later. Parisa explained her fees in a professional and transparent fashion. The Herrin Team is a pleasure to work with, they stay on top of the case and also make sure that Im doing what's needed as well. The work being accomplished is meticulously detailed and inspires a great deal of confidence. I think The Herrin Law Firm is the best choice for this type of case in any given situation. My research has definitely paid off. I've seen Parisa in action before and it's beyond impressive. I noticed some shrill reviews written here, there is no way anyone could have had those experiences with the Herrin Law Firm, I stand by my words aliparman@gmail if you have any further question!
    “She is a tough attorney & fights hard for your case.”
    Parisa represented us in a family law case. She was easy to work with & got the result we needed. She is a tough attorney & fights hard for your case. I have referred her many times & will many more!
    “If I ever need legal representation I will call on her.”
    Parisa represented my nephew in an emergency custody hearing. She was so helpful, kind, caring and most important intelligent and professional. I have worked in the Solicitor's office and seen quite a lot of attorneys in the court room. She by far is the best! If I ever need legal representation I will call on her.
    “Awesome job she did for us!”
    Awesome job she did for us! She knew what she was talking about and she was very prepared for this case!
    “She is always well prepared and shows that she has the best interests of her client.”
    Parisa Herrin represens my grandson in a domestic matter and is doing an excellent job. Her knowledge of the law and professionalism is outstanding. She is always well prepared and shows that she has the best interests of her client. She was extremely impressive at hearing and I would highly her as an attorney.
    “I would recommend her to anyone, she is very professional.”
    Persia represented my son in a custody hearing and did a great job! I would recommend her to anyone, she is very professional.
    “Couldn't be happier.”
    Great lawyer. Answered all my questions and won my case. Couldn't be happier.
    “She was very professional.”
    Ms Herrin is absolutely wonderful. She really went to bat for My grandson in a peternity case. He was awarded joint custody even though he and the childs mother were never married. She was very professional.
    “Parisa Herrin is the best lawyer I have ever had the fortune or seeing in action!”
    Parisa Herrin is the best lawyer I have ever had the fortune or seeing in action! She has been absolutley amazing in helping my cousin receive his rights as a father to his daughter and receive custody of her. Her bright, witty, and quick thinking shows throughly through out her preparation for and questioning during court. She was on the ball 100% of the time before, during, and after the case. I was absolutly amazed at how knowledgable she was and how well she held herself together. She has treated all of us like family during this entire procedure and we all love her like family. She is an amazing woman and an excellent lawyer. I would never go to anyone else or reccomend anyone else! Thank you Parisa for all of your hard work and dedication!
    “I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to be well represented.”
    Parisa had represented me to protect my rights as a father and without her consistent best effort during my case I would not be able to spend any time with my son. I was able to accomplish joint legal and physical custody when 90% of fathers in Georgia have no physical custody. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to be well represented.
    “I highly recommend her for legal advice!”
    Parisa Herrin is the best by far! She knows how to get you what you deserve, and is a great communicator. She is very quick to respond and takes action quickly. I highly recommend her for legal advice!
    “I wish I had found her before I wasted 10 years with the other attorneys.”
    I've had 5 attorneys, but Parisa was the last. No more were needed, she was the best! Professional, sharp, bright, articulate, she billed me fairly I did not have to worry about her performance or integrity. I wish I had found her before I wasted 10 years with the other attorneys.
    “I was very pleased with Ms. Herrin's performance and service.”
    I was very pleased with Ms. Herrin's performance and service. She helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I highly reccomend her to anyone in need of a divorce attorney.
    “Remarkable Law Firm!”
    The woman at the Herrin Law Firm are outstanding! Parisa, has always responded promptly, listening to any concern I had with my case. Working with her team has been a life changing experience!! It's quite hard to express how Thankful I am for what Parisa was able to do for me and my son!!
    - Amanda
    “Absolutely Amazing!”
    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this woman and her staff. Parisa is a fighter from go. I am a proud father, and while she will fight equally for either gender, it is great to have a tough individual in your corner when you are a man. Having a custody battle is hard enough as it is, and after researching numerous law firms I came back to the first one I researched, The Herrin Law Firm. Her staff is also equally prepared to stand beside you, covering everything that needs to be done. The entire firm stays on a professional, yet personal level throughout the entire process. Parisa and her staff are most passionate about their job both inside the courtroom and out. I could not have asked for a better firm. Full trust and faith throughout the entire process, and I don't trust anyone. My deepest and dearest thanks to you all.
    - Glenn
    “Parisa Rocks! I love the Herrin Law Firm!”
    I went through three attorneys before landing with Parisa. She was such a life savor! I had a difficult case, and she made it happen! She's one tough cookie, and on top of her game! I also referred my best friend to her, in which also had a very difficult case. Bingo! She won that case too!! This small, boutique firm guides and supports you every step of the way! Thanks you ladies!!
    - April Raines
    “Outstanding experience!!”
    The firm was very knowledgable and extremely helpful in the entire process. Thank you so much for making such a difficult time a little easier to handle.
    - Caleb Whitaker
    “You will be happy that you hired her.”
    Fall 2015 was the most difficult time in my life. My marriage was ending, and I had no idea where to turn for legal advice. A friend of mine recommended Parisa Herrin at The Herrin Law Firm, P.C. I scheduled a consultation with Parisa, and I instantly knew she was the right attorney for me. During my consultation, Parisa attentively listened to the issues I was having in my marriage, and she was empathetic to the pain I was feeling. By the end of the consultation, I was confident that Parisa and her firm would work hard to make sure that my best interest was always taken into consideration during my divorce proceedings. After hiring Parisa as my attorney, Parisa and her paralegal at the firm went out of their way to handle my divorce at the pace I wanted and in the manner I wanted. Furthermore, Parisa and her staff always responded promptly via email or phone whenever I had a question, comment, or concern. The Herrin Law Firm were with me every step of the way during my case, and they kept me well-informed until my divorce finalized. Parisa Herrin has my highest recommendation. You will be happy that you hired her.
    - Nikki
    “"Professional, thorough, and detailed are 3 words I would use to describe Parisa Herrin."”
    After being told by two other attorneys that we were fighting a losing battle with no chance of winning in a custody matter, we contacted Parisa Herrin's office. After the consultation, we knew we hired an excellent advocate who believes in right prevailing over might, money, and false accusations. After trusting in Parisa and her competent staff, the court date arrived and she went into action on our behalf. False charges were clarified and exposed, detailed testimony was elicited from the other side that greatly harmed their case, and the Order that was issued after the hearing went entirely in our favor on EVERY point. I cannot express how grateful we are and how much Parisa Herrin's professionalism, expertise and knowledge of case law means to us. There are no words to express how thankful we are that she listened, absorbed all the factual details, properly prepared to defend our side, and went to bat against all odds. Thank you to Parisa, Amy, and all the wonderful staff at the law firm. The cost for such professional representation was fair (and similar to the prices of the 2 that told us we had no chance of prevailing) and the results were PRICELESS! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for caring, working on our behalf, and staying positive and prevailing!!!!!
    - Sharon
    “Excellent Attorney - Don't Think Twice About Hiring!”
    “Ms Herrin and her team are excellent.”
    - TJW
    “Outstanding from Beginning to End and Beyond”
    “Communications were always timely, she was easy to reach, and her staff was incredible to work with.”
    - Lawrence Deist
    “Top Notch and Professional!”
    “She got me exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t have asked for a better team”
    - Don Farr
    “Superb In Detail and Professionalism”
    “I would not consider hiring anyone else to help with my legal needs”
    - B.J. Hall
    “Parisa Is A Warrior”
    “I finally hit the jackpot with Parisa!”
    - Ashley Lowe
    “Parisa is in a league of her own!!!! AMAZING !!!”
    “I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with this firm”
    - Shelley Hearing
    “In good hands with The Herrin Law Firm”
    “I can't say enough about my positive experience”
    - Thankful for such a great attorney- knlowedgeable and compassionate
    “Highly Recommended”
    Parisa came highly recommended from someone I trust and after working with her for 14+ months through a divorce I highly concur. She was attentive, she listened, and was always available days/nights/weekends for questions. The divorce process didn't have to be as difficult as it was but Parisa was the voice of reason for me even when I didn't necessarily agree with the law as written. She was honest and when necessary told me where I was headed down a wrong path. While the other side was changing to attorneys, Parisa was right there listening and offering up her legal opinion on what I should or shouldn't do. I would highly recommend Parisa and The Herrin Law Firm to anyone needing Family Law Advice/Counsel.
    “Outstanding customer service”
    “Thanks for always being professional and available.”
    - Sam Batiste
    “Great Attorney”
    “hard working lawyer who really cares I strongly recommend them”
    - James Finley
    “Best lawyer in the state of GA!!!”
    “I will recommend everyone I know family or friends to only use Parisa!!!!”
    - Amanda Finley
    “I simply love The Herrin Firm teamwork!!!”
    “Parisa Herrin was absolutely wonderful working on my divorce case.”
    - Giovanna Menezes
    “compassionate, patient and humble”
    “Parisa and her team are highly knowledgeable and professional.”
    - Jeff Sellars
    “They listened intently to what I needed and stood up for me”
    - Kristen LaRocque
    “I will be forever thankful.”
    “Parisa Herrin and her paralegal Amy Brown are the absolute dream team”
    - Anonymous
    “Ms. Herrin was the voice I do not have. Thank you!”
    “After 20+ years of marriage, my ex-husband and I finally agreed to go our separate ways.”
    - Izzybc