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Though divorce has a reputation for being a very challenging and contentious legal matter, yours does not have to be. In fact, with the right legal counsel, you and your spouse can work together to make decisions that can be beneficial for the entire family.

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Even if you are only considering filing for divorce, making such a life-changing decision can be an emotional experience. Some couples reach a point in their lives where they mutually agree that divorce will be in the best interests of the family, while others may juggle with the painful reality of a broken, unfixable marriage. In any of these scenarios, moving forward with a divorce can be an overwhelming process that can unearth complex emotions, grief, and / or stress.

Though mediation is ideal for most couples, litigation will prove to be the only valid option for others. Our Marietta divorce lawyer can be trusted to represent clients who are struggling through the process of mediation or litigation, providing them with the level of compassionate care and effective guidance that they deserve.

Uncontested vs. Contested Divorce in Marietta

Many people assume that divorce simply refers to the legal process of ending a marriage. Divorce actually entails much more. Once a couple decides to legally terminate their marriage, they must also make a series of complex decisions that involves legally dissolving a marital relationship. We can assist with all types of sensitive legal issues.

Divorcing couples must make important choices regarding:

In the State of Georgia, couples will have the chance to make decisions on their own through the process of mediation. If the couple can agree on all issues pertaining to their divorce, they may enter an " uncontested divorce," which tends to be an easier, faster, and less stressful process than the alternative. If the couple cannot agree on one or more issues, however, the couple may enter a " contested divorce ," which must be litigated in a courtroom and will typically involve a judge or panel of jurors.

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Georgia Divorce

Though we strive to keep our clients' legal exposure as minimal as possible, we can advocate on their behalf through mediation or litigation. When you retain our firm, you can work with a team of legal professionals who are wholeheartedly committed to seeing your family through to the very end.

Whether you are moving forward as a single parent or you are choosing to share the responsibility with your former spouse, our Marietta divorce attorney is here to help you every step of the way. We understand that this new transition period can be emotionally exhausting as well as financially demanding.

With our team guiding your steps, you can make informed and empowered decisions that can not only make this transition period more seamless, but can help you come to terms with a new chapter of life for you and your family.

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