Process of Legitimation & Paternity in Marietta

Do you wish to assert your rights as a father?

If a child is born out of wedlock, the State of Georgia recognizes two distinct levels of establishing a relationship between the father and the child. Paternity refers to the legal process of establishing the identity of the biological father of the child. Once paternity is established, the father may be obliged to pay child support.

Legitimation takes paternity one step further. Though paternity may be used to identify the father, legitimation will establish the legal relationship with the biological father and the child. The father will be given the legal right to request custody of the child or request visitation rights. Ultimately, the process can allow the biological father to be recognized as a legal and biological father to the child who was born out of wedlock.

Benefits of Establishing Legal Legitimation

If you want to assert your rights as a father to a child anywhere in Georgia, you must speak with our experienced attorney who completely understands the complexities of the process. If there is a dispute or if your legitimation has been contested, our legal team can be trusted to advocate on your behalf and push for the fullest protection of your rights as a father.

There are countless benefits involved with legitimation, including:

  • Gives a father access to legal rights
  • Allows a father to become actively involved in the growth and development of a child
  • Allows a father to pursue legal custody of his child
  • Provides countless benefits to the child, including the right to gain inheritance from the father and the right to gain knowledge of family or medical history

At The Herrin Law Firm, P.C., our firm's Marietta divorce lawyer has helped fathers with the complex legal actions involved in the process of legitimation and paternity. We take great pride in representing men from all walks of life, and we can help you assert and preserve your parental rights.

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