Divorce Rules

Rules to Follow When Facing a Divorce in Marietta

Are you considering divorce? If so, we at The Herrin Law Firm, P.C. encourage you to read through the general guidelines that our Marietta divorce lawyer has provided for you. If you have additional questions regarding your particular family law issue or divorce case, do not hesitate to contact our legal team as soon as possible. We are here to listen to you.

General Guidance to Get You Through Your Divorce

Speak with a Marietta divorce and family law attorney first. 
It will be crucial to speak with a skilled, experienced, and responsive Marietta divorce lawyer before starting any aspect of your divorce. Your legal representative can help you assess your specific family law matter or divorce issue. Your attorney should be able to thoroughly educate you on your rights, responsibilities, and duties at this time. More importantly, your lawyer should inform you of all relevant areas of Marietta family law and the measures you should take to safeguard your rights completely.

Be prepared by gathering documents and securing your accounts. 
Although the gathering of documents and securing of financial accounts for your divorce attorney to review can be done after your attorney has filed your suit, these activities are almost always easier to accomplish if done as soon as possible. Our legal team can be trusted to decrease your stress by preparing any necessary documentation before your spouse has been made aware of your suit.

Speak with your spouse about your divorce with guidance from your legal counselor. 
Once you have an idea of what is going to happen in your divorce, you are more capable of speaking with your spouse to identify any areas upon which you two may already agree. Once the fields of contest or disagreement have been established, you should be able to recognize potential areas of friction. Your lawyer can discuss which legal option will be best for you, whether a divorce can be reached through uncontested settlement or contested litigation.

Hire a divorce attorney with whom you are comfortable and confident. 
It will be vitally important that you retain a lawyer with whom you are completely comfortable and confident. Choose an attorney whom you believe is completely devoted to making certain that your rights are completely protected. You should be professionally and financially comfortable with whom you choose. It is encouraged that you ask your attorney about the retainer costs, as well as whether they are available to you during emergency situations or after hours.

Explore mediation or negotiation with your divorce lawyer. 
Not all divorces or family law issues need to be combatted in a courtroom setting. In fact, mediation or negotiation can result in some of the most favorable outcomes for families enduring a difficult legal process. Mediation and negotiation are both forms of alternative dispute resolution and can allow a separating couple to reach an agreement with the help of a legal professional and a certified mediator. Because mediation can allow a divorcing couple to settle their matters without the involvement of a judge, the separating spouses can remain in control of the decisions that can greatly impact their family.

Involve a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in your proceeding. 
Divorce can be an incredibly complex legal process and in some instances, can be incredibly taxing on a divorcing couple's wallet. Additionally, tax consequences can have a significant impact on any property that is awarded to you after a divorce. For this reason, involving a CPA in your divorce can help see to it that your finances are completely protected from beginning to end.

Help your children cope with divorce and do not use them against your former spouse. 
If minor children are involved in your divorce, protecting their interests at this time should be of the utmost importance. The impacts of a divorce can have major ripple effects on a child's development and can have a significant influence on their emotional and psychological development.

Consider attending and completing seminars or workshops. 
The courts offer many certified classes and seminars, including the Seminar for Divorcing Parents. The seminar is required in many metro Atlanta courts prior to granting a divorce in which children are involved. The course helps parents understand how negative, hateful, or spiteful actions and words can have an incredibly adverse effect on their children.

Be prepared for difficult financial times. 
Even with the help of an attorney, splitting one home into two will almost always involve at least temporary financial difficulties or sacrifices from both sides. Be prepared for this type of financial obstacle. Though it can create a momentary roadblock, the hardship associated with divorce can slowly dissolve as you and your former spouse move forward in a positive, healthy manner. Your lawyer can help you create avenues of backup funds or other sources that can help you through the aftermath of a divorce. Your lawyer can also help identify expenditures that could be trimmed down or eliminated during the divorce until all of the dust settles.

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