Child Custody Case Takes Surprising Turn


Child custody battles can be difficult for everyone involved. Although every parent hopes that a solution can be agreed upon that serves the best interests of the child, sometimes there are differing opinions on just what that is.

Georgia residents may be interested to know that in a recent child custody case a father had the child's therapist intervene.

A couple had been granted joint custody three years ago, but now the father claims one of the children wants to live with him full time. To prove his point, the father had the child's therapist write a letter confirming that the child wants to live with him.

According to the source, the father had no legal power to bring the child to a therapist without the mother's permission and the therapist violated the patient-client rule of confidentiality.

This is an example of the kinds of turns that a child custody battle can take. The end of a marital union, especially when children are involved, can become legally complicated. That is why it is important to have all the facts concerning family law.

Residents of Georgia who are planning for a divorce and have children should have a firm understanding of all the related legal issues. Sound legal advice about Georgia family law can help one through the process of divorce and child custody battles. It can give one the comfort of being fully informed about all available options before proceeding.

The thought of dissolving a marriage can be unsettling, but engaging the services of an experienced lawyer who can offer advice on how best to proceed can ease the burden. Having the right legal advice helps clarify the confusion and ease the process of child custody litigation.

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