Halle Berry Custody Battle Continues


Many Georgia residents know just how frustrating a custody battle can be. It is emotionally exhausting for the parents, but most importantly, it can be a significant emotional drain for the children involved. Georgia residents are likely familiar with Halle Berry for her booming movie career. She's appeared in countless movies, but lately has been making headlines for another reason with her ongoing child custody case.

Halle Berry appeared in court once again. She is fighting for custody of the five-year-old daughter she shares with her former boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry. This is a case that has been in the news and in tabloids since the couple ended their relationship, and this was not their first court appearance. So far, it appears that Berry has the upper hand in this heated custody battle.

In the past, Berry expressed concerns for her daughter's safety when she is alone with her father. The reason for the former couples latest court appearance centered around Aubrey's visitations with his daughter and whether or not he would be allowed to be alone with his daughter. Previously, Berry requested that a nanny be present during those visits. In court, Aubrey hoped to have that decision overturned, but the judge turned him down.

In child custody disputes, a judge must decide what is in the best interests of the child involved. The problem is that parents often disagree as to what they believe is truly in their children's best interests, and when they cannot agree, a court must decide for them.

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