Terrell Owens Can Not Pay Child Support Bench Warrant Issued


Former professional football player, Terrell Owens, may be looking for a resolution with his ongoing child support issues in the coming year.

Georgia residents may recall that the football star has had some financial troubles after failing to land with an NFL team this season. An arrest warrant was recently issued for Owens when he failed to show up to a previously scheduled child support hearing.

According to the news source, Owens was past due on child support payments for one of his children. A hearing was set up to sort out the matter and potentially lower the monthly payments, but Owens did not show up for the court date. He says he tried to have his representative reschedule the hearing, but the mother of the child wasn't willing to change the date. Because he did not show up in court, his petition to lower the payments was denied and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Since then, it is reported that Owens did make his child support payments and the warrant has been recalled.

Owens claims that he has no income at the moment. He is asking that his child support payments be adjusted to reflect his current financial situation rather than being based on the income he was making as a professional football player. Currently, he is required to pay the same amount of child support as he was ordered to pay when he was making millions every season with the Dallas Cowboys.

Terrell Owens is a good example of how a drastic change in circumstance can make it difficult to keep up with child support payments. The best intentioned parent can easily fall behind on payments in difficult economic times. A Georgia attorney may be able to help those dealing with child support issues.

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