Are Changes To Alimony Laws Necessary


Ordering a husband or wife to pay the other after a split can be challenging. States across the nation, including Georgia, have tried to make alimony laws as fair as possible. Unfortunately, some may feel the required payments are unfair.

One particular state legislature has been debating whether changes to alimony laws are necessary. The Florida legislature considered whether to make changes to laws surrounding permanent alimony. Permanent alimony was created to meet the needs of spouses who cannot support themselves after a long-term marriage. This sometimes includes a spouse who gave up a career and future retirement fund to stay home and raise children. Those supporting the alimony reform feel these laws are outdated.

None of the proposed bills were passed in Florida. However, the debate raises questions about alimony laws in others states.

In Georgia, there are no guidelines for determining spousal support. However, when determining alimony, a court considers a number of factors. Some of the considerations include the income of each party, potential future earnings and the duration of the marriage. It is important, however, for individuals to know that even after alimony has been determined, payments can be altered if one party seeks a modification.

It can be a challenging time when people in Georgia are going through a divorce. In addition to alimony payments, couples must settle child custody, child support and property division disputes. Because there are so many things to consider, it is often best to rely on an experienced attorney. An attorney can help couples come to a resolution that is reasonable and fair while protecting the interests of their client.

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