Former Nfl Player Arrested in Georgia for Unpaid Child Support


Family law can often be an emotional process for families in Georgia. One of the most contentious issues in family law can be determining child support. Some factors often considered to determine child support are:

Each parent's income
The number of children that must be supported by each parent
And how much time each parent devotes to a child
Parents must come to an agreement, or allow a court to determine, which parent will pay child support and how much should be paid for the child's needs. In particular, divorcing couples with children face the difficult task of balancing Georgia's child support guidelines and worksheets.

In Georgia, Jamal Lewis, a former NFL player was recently arrested for allegedly failing to pay child support and not seeing his child for more than a year. Lewis was charged with child abandonment, booked, and later released. Lewis released a statement denying the allegations and stating he would work within the court system to find an effective co-parenting arrangement regarding his son.

As demonstrated by Lewis' child abandonment charge, when a parent fails to pay child support, criminal charges may be brought against them. Child abandonment is alleged when a parent or guardian intentionally fails to provide the physical care and shelter for a child. Failing to provide child support, failing to communicate and failing to maintain visitation with your child are behaviors that make child abandonment charges more likely.

Parents in Georgia facing difficulties in making child support payments should consider seeking a modification to their agreement to avoid criminal charges such as child abandonment. It is in the best interests of a child for parents to come to a sustainable agreement on child support.

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