Georgia Joint Parenting Help Theres an App for That


Divorce is common. That's as true in Georgia as it is anywhere in the country. Most individuals that have gone through divorce would probably agree that it is not the most pleasant time of their lives. While no aspect of divorce is necessarily enjoyable, child custody and visitation battles tend to be some of the most taxing.

Dealing with an ex-spouse is stressful. If a couple has children, the adults cannot avoid the constant contact they must have over parenting issues, so they have to find a way to do so in a cooperative and mature manner. Recently, a divorced mother developed a way to reduce these stressful communications with her ex-spouse.

She herself was divorced after a five-year marriage. In her experience, decisions regarding their two children were complicated. She wanted something that could keep the schedules of the two adults and their two children straight, even though they were not all living under the same roof. That's how she came up with is a child custody management program that is supposed to help parents who are divorced supervise their children's lives while living in separate homes. Either parent can log on and see appointments, school report cards, emergency contacts, visitation dates and even upload custody agreements.

These everyday topics, along with confusion over visitation dates or who gets the child on what holiday, often result in ex-spouses yelling at each other over the phone. This constant bickering is the sort of thing children do not need to witness. It is Lynn White's hope that her online computer program can decrease or halt these arguments. also includes a contact list, calendar, house rules section, photo galleries, a document storage area and a private diary.

Because this program has worked so well for her, she decided to share. An individual wanting to use this program can sign up free for one month. After that first month, the price is $6.99 a month, or $70 for a yearly membership.

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