Good Finance Map Key To Success in Georgia Gray Divorce


When most imagine a couple going through a divorce, the likely image that comes to mind is someone young or middle-aged. When a marriage has lasted 20 or more years, the anticipation is that the couple is likely to stay together. Recently, the opposite has begun to prove true. In Georgia and across the country, divorce among long-term married couples seems to be becoming more common.

Divorce between the ages of 50 and 60 may offer an opportunity to spice up the life of some, but others can end up feeling lost and alone. Division of marital property may be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of issues. While only one person may have filed for the divorce, both will face the same obstacles as the marriage comes to an end. It becomes all the more important then for both parties to work together to make sure they are both able to manage on their own.

A few issues those going through a later-in-life divorce are likely to experience include will rewriting, dividing pensions, estate planning and understanding existing medical benefits. In addition, many couples may have acquired significant assets - or debt - during marriage that will need to be divided in divorce.

While this all seems easy enough, there are many obstacles to overcome. It can be easy to accidentally overlook details.

Unfortunately, many couples at this stage in life do not bring in the income they used to. Adding to the stress is the fact that a divorce is not exactly planned for in the monthly budget. Even if a couple seems to agree on most or all issues, making for a possible uncontested divorce, - the details may end up taking more time and effort than expected. Taking a long-term view to the process can help overcome any short-term struggles that might develop over elements of the settlement.

Of course, knowing how Georgia law applies to an impending divorce can help couples properly plan and find a successful resolution. Working with an experienced attorney and financial professionals as part of the divorce process is advisable to ensure that both parties exit their relationship on firm ground.

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