Custody Battles Involving Pets On the Rise


According to divorce lawyers across the country, custody cases involving pets are becoming more and more common. Today, pets are often times regarded as more than just marital property. Instead, they are considered to be like children that parents have an emotional attachment to.

Pets are considered property in every state. However, things have changed over the years and pets are beginning to be regarded in a whole new light. Break-ups in same sex marriages, domestic partnerships and civil unions are cited as one major factor contributing to the increase in custody cases involving animals.

Judges are now realizing the emotional connection pet owners have with their pets, and pets are getting more consideration under the law. While pets are being given more consideration, there are still no laws regarding visitation of these pets to date. As a result, couples are left to discuss visitation on their own.

When contemplating a pet custody agreement, factors such as vacation, holidays, food, treats, grooming, end-of-life decisions, boarding and travel arrangements must all be taken into consideration. Each couple will have their own unique agreement to fit their specific needs.

In the past, pets were not protected in any state under domestic violence restraining orders. Today, however, some states are recognizing the dangers some animals face.

Pets are an important part of many people's lives, and it has even been predicted that one day there will be statutes pertaining to the custody of pets just as there are guidelines now for determing child custody.

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