Considerations for Those Contemplating Divorce


In Georgia, Georgia, and elsewhere, couples in the process of obtaining a divorce face many issues including child custody, child support, property division and spousal support. These decisions must not be taken lightly as they likely have implications that continue into the future.

Before filing for divorce, couples may want to consider getting assistance with dividing marital property. Marital property generally includes any assets that the couple has obtained throughout the marriage. Nonmarital property is the assets that spouses brought into the marriage and includes gifts and inheritances; these assets are typically distributed to the spouse who brought the asset into the marriage. In Georgia, if a couple is unable to agree on a property settlement, a court may distribute property based on an equitable, or fair, standard.

Divorcing couples should each consider obtaining an attorney's assistance and preparing for the initial meeting with the attorney. To prepare, couples should be aware of their assets and debts and think of questions they might want to ask in the meeting. Divorcing couples should bring important documents, such as tax returns and retirement asset information, to the initial meeting with the attorney.

If spousal support is awarded, the divorcing couple should consider any implications that might affect the support. Couples may also consider increases in the cost of living and higher education for the children in calculating child support and spousal support.

In a divorce, couples must decide how to divide one home into two. Sometimes, these decisions can be challenging. Through the considerations above and preparation, the divorce process may be resolved amicably.

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