Woman Pays Over 20k in Late Child Support Payments


Losing a job or having unforeseen expenses can make paying the bills a challenge. For some in Georgia and elsewhere, unplanned circumstances that may not even be the individual's fault can lead to parents being unable to pay their child support obligations. Recently, a mother faced serious penalties after she failed to make child support payments.

A mother has reportedly paid the back child support payments she owed. The woman previously pled guilty to two felony charges of non-support of her two children. A judge sentenced the woman to five years in jail for each of the charges that were to run at the same time. The judge then suspended the jail time although she was to be supervised. The judge also reportedly ordered the woman to pay $5,000 towards the child support obligation, which the woman made in addition to court expenses. The woman has paid over $20,000 in child support payments, which makes her now current on her child support obligation.

While meeting monthly child support payments may be challenging, it is less common for parents to face penalties as severe as the mother above has faced. If parents are unable to meet their existing child support obligation, they may seek a judicial order to modify the child support order. Child support payments may be used for the basic needs of the child, which includes groceries, clothing and shelter expenses. Child support may also include medical care, educational expenses, childcare and entertainment.

Medical emergencies and other unexpected expenses can make it difficult for a parent to pay their monthly child support obligations. However, it is important that when parents are in this situation to act quickly to ensure that their children's needs are met.

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