Money Arguments Early in Marriage Could Spell Future Divorce


Couples sometimes argue about a lot of different things. Differences in beliefs, household chores, bedroom activities, the in-laws and parenting styles can all take their toll among couples here in Georgia. While all those arguments can lead to a divorce dispute, university researchers recently uncovered what they believe to be the best divorce predictor among those commonly argued over by married couples.

According to social researchers from Kansas State University, arguments about money are a top predictor for many divorces. The team found recently that couples who argued about money early in their relationships were at a greater risk of divorce regardless of their incomes, debts and net worth.

Researchers found that money arguments are often longer and more intense than any other types of marital disagreements. According to a spokesperson, arguments about money can lead to a poor relationship satisfaction. The study looked at data from over 4,500 couples as part of a national survey. The study was released initially in 2012.

This is not the first time that money arguments and divorces were linked. Another study in 2011 by researchers at the University of Missouri found that couples that receive welfare checks and other forms of government assistance were also more likely to part ways.

Not all marriages are simple and easy. Each couple has unique circumstances. Younger couples tend to struggle early with money as they juggle between the early stages of their careers and their marriage. Sadly, there are cases where old habits die hard and couples continue to argue about finances despite doing much better financially. As couples accumulate more assets, recurring disagreements can lead to a high-asset divorce.

A knowledgeable family law professional may be able provide advice and assistance to those seeking a divorce in Georgia. These professionals can play an important role in making amicable property division and child custody decisions.

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