Former Boxing Champion Sought for Child Support Payment


Evander Holyfield is known worldwide for his legendary boxing career. Holyfield was a gifted boxer who knocked out or outlasted opponents in the boxing ring for many years. However, the Atlanta, Georgia, resident is now set for another fight, not in the ring but in the confines of a courtroom.

The man nicknamed "the real deal" is set to appear in court after failing to pay child support in an estimated amount of $325,000. The former boxer, who reportedly has 11 children, may also lose his driving privileges as the Georgia Department of Human Services threatened to suspend his driver's license if he fails to pay child support.

Holyfield, now 50-years-old and past his boxing prime, has failed to keep up with the court-mandated monthly payments of $3,000 for one of his children. During his prime Holyfield won several boxing titles, numerous multi-million dollar endorsement deals, appeared in films and joined a reality dance competition. Yet those days are behind the boxer and he has been ordered to appear in court in August for the resolution of his child support case, as well as the status of his driver's license.

Much like the famed boxer, a Georgia parent may fail to pay child support when finances are not what they used to be and that parent is struggling to pay bills. Being in between jobs, losing investments and high medical expenses after being sick can all be factors. This can cause the supporting parent to delay or not pay child support, which, in turn, can result in disputes between divorced parents.

Fortunately, child support payments can be modified. If a judge deems the request appropriate and the reasons valid, changes to the initial child support order may be made.

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