Giving Georgia Dads Their Due in Child Custody and Co Parenting


In the past, the court often would award child custody and control over the child to the mother. But this has changed considerably through the years. In Georgia and Cobb County, Georgia, many fathers are now seeking child custody as well as visitation with their children.

At times, this produces conflict in the child custody dispute as well as in co-parenting. Creating unnecessary tension for the child puts him or her in the position of being torn between the affection and affirmation of opposing parents. However, this does not have to be the case according to a renowned author who is advocating positive values in co-parenting. She determines that the child as well as ex-spouses should try to be as positive as possible. A great way to start is during or immediately after a well-known celebration.

In light of the recent Father's Day holiday, the author suggests that children and mothers take time to honor the child's father by teaching the child to appreciate the good qualities of the father. The mother should try to resist the urge to say something negative about the father's qualities as children have the tendency to absorb resentment and anger. Doing this starts a healing and learning process that benefits both the child and the mother and may be passed along to the father in hopes of a more harmonious long-term relationship.

In lieu of this, the child should take the lead in thinking about the father's passions. The mother can help the child to write a note, draw or make a gift. The participation will make a lasting impression on the child and he or she will understand that his or her opinion and effort matter. However, while it is important to give fathers what they deserve, the court will ultimately base child custody decisions on what is in the best interests of the child.

A parent seeking custody or any custody modifications concerning parenting time and child support may find that assistance from a legal representative may be to their advantage. A legal professional may be helpful in drawing up a compelling and convincing proposal for the modification of the agreement.

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