Alimony Advice for Marietta County Wives


If statistics are to be believed, they show that half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. That means that 50 percent of Georgia County, Georgia, couples can soon transition from being in one household to running separate households instead. This can be problematic if a female spouse was in a traditional family setting where the husband took care of the financial aspects of the marriage.

Having that particular arrangement can leave a wife with financial challenges when she is finally living on her own. However, the court can award a female spouse alimony, which will help support her from a financial perspective. In Georgia, spousal support can be given on a temporary basis. Temporary alimony can help a spouse to get the necessary education or training to help her get her feet firmly planted on steady financial ground. Spousal support can also be awarded by the court on a permanent basis.

However, a wife should be mindful of one important issue. She should be aware that the divorce should be finalized before she decides to move on to another relationship. Being romantically involved with another person before the divorce is final can serve as grounds for a future ex-husband to contest spousal support. Doing so also may cause child custody issues.

A divorce is a life-changing event for Georgia and Cobb County women. As is the case with any life-altering event, things can get emotional and the financial aspects of the divorce can become complicated. That is why proper guidance in this crucial situation in a person's life can prove to be very beneficial.

Legal guidance can help the person to handle spousal support issues, as well as other divorce legal matters such as child custody and property division. Georgia and Cobb County female spouses should realize that even after a divorce, the possibility of having a happy and financially stable life can still become a reality.

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