Property Division Takes the Spotlight in Zimmerman Divorce


There is no doubt that residents of Georgia and Cobb County, Georgia are familiar with George Zimmerman. He captured the attention of national, as well as international, media during his controversial case involving the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman is back in court once again but this time he is facing his wife in a divorce proceeding.

Shellie Zimmerman has said she laments that she stood by her husband through all the challenges he faced only to be left picking up the pieces. Her divorce petition states specific demands regarding what she expects from the divorce. For one, she wants an equal share of the marital property. She also wants a share of the online donations her husband's defense team raised during the course of the Trayvon Martin case. A total of $536,000 was reportedly raised from the online campaign.

In addition to a share of the marital property and the donations, she stated that her husband should also provide temporary and permanent life insurance. Finally, she would like to have custody of the couple's two dogs. A friend of George said he thinks that Shellie does not deserve to share in the donations because the donations are meant for her husband's legal cause.

Georgia and Cobb County residents can learn from the Zimmermans' divorce that property division can be complex. While marital property is indeed subjected to equitable distribution, at times negotiations can fall into gray areas. Issues such as donations, and pet custody, can take some time to negotiate successfully. Animosity between separating couples can also hinder property division.

Divorcing couples are advised to seek the guidance of a family law professional to make the process run smoother. Otherwise, if couples cannot reach an agreement, the court, under equitable distribution laws, will decide on a fair split of the divorcing couple's property and assets.

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