Custodial Parent Shares How Hard Work Made Child Custody Easier


As a legal process, divorce can be done quickly if there are few assets to divide and no children. However, when minor children are involved, divorce usually becomes more complicated as parents figure out child custody and visitation.

One divorced woman knows firsthand just how challenging and difficult child custody can make a parent's life. She was served with divorce papers when she was in her 40s and her two children were just 8 and 11. Her husband left her for a coworker who had never been married and had no children.

For much of her marriage, the woman had been a stay-at-home mother while her husband was the sole breadwinner. Fortunately, before divorce disrupted the family's life, she was able to start a small tree-trimming business that allowed the family to enjoy vacations and buy boats for recreation.

When her divorce was finalized, she became the custodial parent of her two children, a responsibility made somewhat easier by the fact that she had already started her own business. Even so, she found that being a solo parent was a constant challenge. She tended to her kids' emotional needs and paid her mortgage; either task alone is a major responsibility.

Through sheer determination, the woman worked hard to provide as much as she could for her children, although she did receive some child support from her ex-husband. Fortunately, her hard work paid off in a variety of ways that allowed her to finally relax and revive her personal life.

In the typical divorce involving minor children, spouses usually choose who will be the custodial parent. Shared parenting, however, is possible if former spouses want equal time with their children. How these issues are decided depends on the individuals. Parents who need advice may wish to speak with a legal professional for guidance.

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