Is Shared Child Custody Ideal for Georgia Divorced Parents


Divorce is an emotion-laden process that can trigger bad decisions, including retaliation against an ex-spouse. Because many divorced parents want to be a part of their children's lives, custody disputes can ensue, causing stress for the children who are caught in the middle of the conflict.

In Georgia, Georgia, as in most states, children often live exclusively with one parent, while the other parent has limited access to them. One way to ensure that both parents have equal access and to reduce the stress caused by divorce is to arrange for shared custody. In such an agreement, each parent has roughly the same amount of time with the child. Many advocates across the United States believe that shared custody is beneficial for children unless there is a history of violence or abuse.

Child custody can work for divorcing and divorced parents for several reasons. For instance, more men are assuming the role of caretakers. Gender roles have converged, and gender no longer indicates whether parents are capable of looking after their children. Second, most Americans support shared custody, and that fact may affect custody laws across the nation. Finally, many noncustodial parents feel that custodial parents have the upper hand after their divorce and feel disenfranchised.

The decision to seek divorce is difficult for parents, but it can be even more challenging for children. Although the court decides on child custody and visitation rights on the basis of the best interests of the child, divorced parents may request a modification. Unless one of the parents poses a danger to the child's well-being, shared custody is a viable option that is best explored with the guidance of a family law attorney.

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