How Is Child Custody Determined in Georgia?


The state of Georgia has its own unique set of child custody laws and regulations that judges adhere to when awarding custody to parents in divorce cases. If you are going through a divorce and you want to obtain custody of your children, it is important that you understand Georgia’s child custody laws. Like other states, courts in Georgia always consider the best interests of the child when making such decisions.

Custody Arrangements

Both parents have equal rights when it comes to child custody arrangements in the state of Georgia. You can be awarded two types of custody in Georgia: legal custody and physical custody.

A parent who is granted legal custody can make important decisions regarding the child. Parents that have been granted joint legal custody both have equal rights and responsibilities when it comes to making important decisions for their child. One of the parents will have final decision-making authority for the child’s medical, educational, extracurricular, and religious upbringing.

The parent the child will primarily live with will be granted physical custody. When courts grant joint physical custody, both parents share equal time and contact with the child.

If you are getting divorced in Georgia and your child is age 14 or older, they can elect which parent they would prefer to live with. Although children of a certain age can choose the parent they want to live with, judges can overrule the custody election if they decide that living with the preferred parent wouldn’t be in the child’s best interest.

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