Lopez and Anthony Reach Child Custody Agreement


Fans all over the United States, including right here in Georgia, are eager to learn the outcome of custody proceedings between Jennifer Lopez and her estranged husband Marc Anthony. Recent media reports highlight the child support proceedings of the newly separated couple.

The reports confirmed that Lopez' and Anthony's twins will remain in the temporary custody of their mother until a more permanent legal agreement can be reached. The children will accompany their mother as she films her upcoming movie, What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Lopez told reporters that her mother and her children's nannies will stay with her and the twins until filming concludes. It has been confirmed that the couple will continue working together on an up-and-coming talent search TV program and will also release their fashion and accessory lines later in the year.

A source told reporters that Lopez has buried herself in her work. The source went on to say that working helps Lopez to take her mind off her impending divorce. The situation between Lopez and Anthony proves that status has little bearing on the emotional impact of divorce and child custody proceedings.

No matter what the circumstances behind a separation, most couples strive to put in their utmost effort to ensure children are impacted as little as possible. When it comes to child custody, courts are adamant that the well-being of the children involved remain at the forefront. Celebrity couples are no exception to this rule.

Couples in Georgia who are going through a divorce may find that enlisting the services of a legal advocate on behalf of their children can help expedite child custody proceedings.

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