Football Star Finally Pays Child Support


Parents raising a child on their own in Georgia can find themselves under a huge amount of financial strain. Often, legal action is necessary to force non-compliant parents to honor their child support obligations. Just two weeks after being accused of not being current on his child support, football star Terrell Owens has paid all of the money that was owed.

Owens, currently playing in Cincinnati, has at least 3 children with different mothers. Because of his fame, he has a blog which has a large following. On this blog he has made a show of the introduction of two of these children to each other. He has also mentioned on this blog that he has a 2-year-old son whom he has never met.

Despite the fact that the athlete had made many millions of dollars in his career, it was reported that he was refusing to pay the child support to one of the mothers. Last month, she filed a suit in Atlanta, Georgia, for Owens to be held in contempt of court for nonpayment of child support. According to the woman's attorney, since the payment has now been made, they will begin to file the appropriate papers to withdraw the suit.

In Georgia, there are various sanctions that can be brought against non-custodial parent that will not pay their fare share of child support. Their paychecks or any federal benefits could be garnished, as well as their driver's license being suspended. Child support is the only debt that allows for garnishment of federal funds, and states are not afraid to use this power to seek justice for custodial parents and the children in their care. Parents who are in this situation may find it helpful to seek legal advice to discuss their case.

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