High Asset Divorce With Abuse Allegations Granted After Two Years


Anyone in Georgia who has gone through the emotional agony of a family breakup knows just how complex the process can be. When you are dealing with a high asset divorce, the process can sometimes be even more complex. For Stacey Dash, the end of this complex process has finally arrived, as she has just been granted a divorce from her actor husband after waiting almost two years.

Her now ex-husband is Emmanuel Xuereb, also an actor. Given that both of these actors are in a well-paid industry, usually sets the ground work for a high asset divorce, but the division of assets was not the primary focus in Stacey's divorce difficulties.

Stacey's complications stemmed from allegations of abuse against her now ex husband. She claimed she was abused by Xuereb during their two year marriage, but like many other victims of domestic violence, she was too afraid to report this to the police. She successfully gained a restraining order against him on the same day she filed for divorce. After an almost two year wait, Stacey is now experiencing the freedom for which she was waiting.

When Georgia residents are faced with family law difficulties such as abuse allegations, action should be taken immediately. An attorney experienced in all aspects of family law and procedure may provide necessary support and assist in protecting important legal and personal rights. Experience tells us that abuse left alone can sometimes become the monster that won't fit back in the closet. There is no shame in seeking help to confront a problem that will not go away on its own.

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