Rapper Hip Hops To Family Law Settlement


In Georgia and elsewhere, family law issues surrounding children run the gamut from custody and visitation to child support.

While hip-hop producer and rapper Swizz Beatz is not contesting child custody the mother of his third child, he has been involved in a child support disagreement with her since 2008, when she gave birth to their daughter. Beatz subsequently married Alicia Keys, with whom he has another child. In all, the rapper has four children with four different women. He just averted further legal action with the mother of his third child by reaching an out-of-court settlement.

The Russian woman, who lives in London with the toddler, complained that Swizz Beatz only paid child support sporadically. The mother and Beatz' ex-girlfriend retained New York counsel, who brought proceedings against Beatz in Manhattan Family Court. The lawyer was able to obtain a judgment for back due support and was apparently ready to move forward with legal actions to enforce the judgment. Rather than risk wage garnishment or even attachment of his bank accounts, the rapper paid everything, including the mother's $42,000 legal fee.

Some custodial parents find the court process confronting them in their quest to obtain child support daunting. In addition to the maze of family law statutes and procedures, they often discover that getting an award of child support is not the same thing as receiving the payments. When payments fall in arrears, or when a noncustodial parent simply ignores the obligation, a Georgia attorney may help get the legal matter back on track.

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