Georgia Woman Arrested in Contentious Child Custody Case


In divorces, parents must consider how to create two separate households. In this difficult consideration, child custody can become a heated issue. In Georgia, like most states, divorcing couples can avoid court time by developing an agreement on child custody. If couples are not able to come to an agreement, they must get a court order. When a parent does not follow the court order, they likely face serious consequences.

In Georgia, a woman was arrested for non-custodial parental kidnapping. There was an active warrant issued for the woman. Police took the woman into custody, and the child was placed with the custodial parent. The woman was likely not adhering to a court order, which awarded physical custody to the other parent.

Although many people face difficulties in handling legal and physical custody of their children, most would not resort to such far-reaching measures as kidnapping. In Georgia, a court may consider modification of child custody if circumstances materially change. If parents are not able to agree, the courts may handle contentious child custody cases. The Georgia courts determine child custody based on many factors with a focus on the best interests of the child. Other factors the courts look at are each parent's ability to provide for the emotional and physical needs of the child, the conditions of the child's current home and any evidence of abuse or false accusations of abuse by the other parent.

It is important to remember that it is in the best interests of the child for parents to come to an agreement on the issue of child custody. While it may be difficult to divide one household in a divorce, both parents must still provide for the needs of their child.

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