Failure To Pay Child Support May Cost Baseball Player His Job


As parents are going through a divorce in Georgia, determining child support can be complicated. One parent may feel they are paying too much, while the other may feel they are not receiving enough. Whatever the case may be, child support is critical for the well-being of a child. In recent days, one man has come under fire for failing to pay child support.

Vicente Padilla is hoping to be in the starting rotation for the Boston Red Sox, but he won't be suiting up anytime soon if he does not pay child support to the mother of his three-year-old child.

Padilla is from Nicaragua and is in danger of being arrested for failing to pay $540 each month in child support. In addition, officials in Nicaragua have forbidden the baseball player from leaving the country until he has paid up.

The 34-year-old pitcher most recently played for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has played professional baseball for the past 13 years and is estimated to have earned more than $50 million in that time.

Earlier this month, Padilla signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox. Under the deal, he will be paid $1.5 million if he makes the team's roster. However, he is competing against three other pitchers for the position, and it appears that the team will have an easier decision to make if the baseball player fails to show up for spring training.

In a situation like this, it appears that Padilla has th e resources to pay the necessary child support. Although anger towards the other parent can be a reason that some people use to stop making child support payments, it is important to remember that at the center of it all is a child.

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