Debunking Myths Surrounding Children in Divorce Custody Disputes


Going through a divorce can be a challenging process for the entire family. Particularly when the process moves towards child custody, kids can get caught in the middle of a family dispute. Unfortunately, parents often make the assumption that their children are handling the situation fine, but that's not always true.

And interesting article in the Huffington Posts takes a look at the common myths centering on children in the midst of divorce and child custody situations.

One common myth is that the children don't notice what is happening. Even when people don't say something bad about an estranged spouse, a child can read the body language. How you talk about someone often says as much as what you say about them. Keep in mind that children are more perceptive than you might think.

Another belief is that children will get through the process just fine. Yes, many kids are resilient and will be just fine, but that doesn't mean they don't need some help with the process along the way. It's important for parents to make every effort they can to reduce conflict before and after divorce and child custody proceedings. Clear communication can go a long way. But just assuming a child will be okay is naïve.

One final myth is that children don't think the process is about them. Think about it: kids are the center of their own universe because that's the only world they know. Unfortunately, many of them blame themselves or feel like they were a factor in their parents' divorce. As the Huffington Post author notes, relieving them of feeling responsible can be extremely beneficial.

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