Father Pleads Guilty for Failure To Pay Child Support


Last week, we wrote about a case involving a father who is in jeopardy of being arrested for failing to pay child support. The authorities have even gone so far as to forbid the man from leaving his native country of Nicaragua. Now another father has landed himself in trouble with the law for also failing to pay thousands of dollars in child support.

The 61-year-old man is a former ear, nose and throat doctor. In 1999, he was ordered to pay $2,400 in monthly child support payments for his two children. In 2006, a federal indictment shows that the man had not made a payment since September 2000.

The former doctor had been on the run from authorities for the last five years, but was arrested in December as he was trying to cross the border into Mexico.

On Feb. 9, the man pleaded guilty for failing to pay child support. He will be sentenced later this spring.

Child support cases can often be contentious. However, if a parent feels that they cannot make the appropriate payments they should seek a modification rather than running from the authorities and their children. Although parents may feel frustrated with their former spouse or the court system, it is important to remember that at the center of every case is a child.

People living in Georgia who are facing child support issues may wish to consider working with an experienced attorney. An attorney can work with parents to come to a fair resolution for everyone involved.

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