Katy Perry Skips Prenup Lucks Out On Divorce


You may borrow Katy Perry's hairstyle or bold fashion moves, but most people would agree that her marital choices should not be copied. The chart-topping singer recently finalized her divorce from comedian Russell Brand and many family law attorneys were shocked to learn that the pop star did not bother to sign a prenuptial agreement.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract which establishes the expectations of each spouse prior to a marriage. A prenuptial agreement helps soon-to-be couples craft a legal agreement which works for their particular needs. In the case of high net worth marriages, prenuptial agreements typically stipulate property division guidelines in order to avoid a protracted fight over assets.

Katy Perry got married so quickly that she and Brand did not bother to see their attorneys to draft a prenuptial agreement. This means that Brand was entitled to collect half of Katy Perry's earnings during their 14-month marriage. Perry said that she trusted Brand not to take her money in the event of a divorce, and it turns out that she was lucky enough to be right. Celebrity gossip website TMZ recently reported that Brand refused to collect the $20 million that he was entitled to.

"He would never take money that Katy earned. That's not Russell," an insider said. "And if it was the other way around, Katy wouldn't have taken it either. They respect each other too much."

It should be noted that most divorces are no so amicable and that property division issues can arise if you fail to plan ahead and sign a prenuptial agreement. The divorce may have worked out fine for this pop singer, but the lack of a prenuptial agreement is a risky move that most Georgia couples should avoid.

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