More Couples Signing Prenuptial Agreements in Uncertain Economy


When people get married in Georgia and elsewhere, it seems impossible to imagine that the union could ever be broken. However, many marriages end in divorce, and those who have planned ahead and signed a prenuptial agreement might find the divorce process to be easier.

In 2010, a survey showed that nearly one-third of single Americans would ask their future spouse to sign a prenuptial agreement. Although people may think a prenuptial agreement is only needed for couples where one person is wealthier than the other or where there is a large age difference, it may be helpful for couples in a variety of situations.

Younger couples may find it beneficial to sign a prenuptial agreement, especially if one person stands to receive a large inheritance or if one person is part owner of a family business. In addition, people who are remarrying or those who are in the midst of a successful career may find it beneficial to sign a prenuptial agreement.

The uncertain economy appears to have encouraged people to think about prenuptial agreements. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that the number of couples opting to sign prenuptial agreements has increased in recent years.

Couples interested in signing a prenuptial agreement should consider a few things. First, it is a good idea to discuss it well before the actual wedding day. It is also important to lay out everything on the table so that couples have a clear understanding of each other's financials. Some couples may even request a credit report. Couples should also plan to work with separate attorneys. If they work with the same attorney, the prenuptial agreement could be challenged in court.

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