Husband Faces Jail Time for Rant On Popular Social Media Site


The world has certainly changed since the creation of social media. So much of our lives are now on display for the world to see. People in Georgia and elsewhere can post pictures, send messages and alert people to what is going on in their lives. However, this kind of transparency has landed one man in trouble with the law, and he now faces a potential jail sentence.

The man and his wife had a child in 2010, but chose to divorce soon after. Things quickly turned ugly when the man's wife accused him of verbal abuse and said he even threatened her life. Although he was not convicted of any crimes, the court ordered the man to stay away from his wife and prevented him from seeing his son.

The man later displayed his frustrations with the ruling on his Facebook page, calling his wife an "evil, vindictive woman."

The man's wife saw the post and felt that it was a violation of the protective order against him. Now a judge has ordered the man to post an online apology to his wife for thirty days or he will be sent to jail for 60 days. He must also pay past due child support and his ex-wife's attorney fees.

The man has posted an apology on his personal Facebook page, but it appears this case brings up questions about an individual's right to free speech.

It is unclear how the couple's divorce and child custody issues will be settled or if the man will spend time behind bars, but it does illustrate how large an impact social media has on our lives.

Although this case is unique, it shows how difficult a divorce can be. Anyone in Georgia who is facing divorce would do well to consult with an experienced attorney.

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