Child Custody Settlement Comes Quickly for Cruise and Holmes


Open an internet browser, turn on the television or flip through a magazine; Georgia residents will find it hard to escape the constant headlines about the recent split of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Family law issues are not easy to deal with and often take a long time to resolve. However, it seems that this celebrity couple has come to a rather speedy conclusion regarding the custody of their daughter.

Some expected the child custody battle to be ugly and likely drag on. Surprisingly, the two came to an agreement less than two weeks after the divorce papers were filed.

While no specific details have been officially released regarding the custody arrangement, both Cruise and Holmes have stated that their main focus is on acting in the best interests of their daughter. According to representatives of both Cruise and Holmes, the pair is going to strive to work together. They also plan to work diligently to respect each other and their personal beliefs. Privacy about family matters is important to them as well.

According to sources close to both Cruise and Holmes, the arrangement will bring the child to live in New York with her mother. Cruise will not be left out, however. He's reported to have been granted visitation rights that are described as generous.

The divorce was allegedly a complete surprise to Cruise, but he seems to have put that behind him. Rather than fight, he seems to have put the best interests of his daughter first.

Both Cruise and Holmes seem to be moving along with their lives, which is what is to be hoped for in the best of divorces. Holmes and her daughter have moved to an apartment in New York City, while Cruise is spending his time in Los Angeles with his teenage son and daughter from his previous marriage to Nicole Kidman.

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