Military Divorce Rate On the Rise


With a failed marriage comes an array of issues, including child support, child custody and property divi sion. Some couples are able to handle these divorce issues with more ease than others. Unfortunately, settlement discussions from afar are not easy.

Imagine being hundreds of miles away from family and friends for long periods of time, missing out on some of the best moments of in life. This is the sacrifice men in Georgia and other states are making for their country. The sad news is that some are leaving one battlefield, only to enter another.

One woman was willing to share her experiences dealing with family law issues as a military wife, explaining the frustrations she and her husband have come across since her his return home.

Her husband was having terrible nightmares. The couple was told this was normal; however, the wife felt differently. She described the issues the pair has had since her husband came home, including nightmares so intense she would wake up to him strangling her. After she finally snapped him out of whatever state he was in, he would roll over like nothing had happened. "Normal" simply did not cut it.

The husband in this relationship stated that the way he coped with combat was to simply accept his own death. In the end, parts of him felt dead, and his wife noticed these changes. In the end, he realized the wall this mentality had put between him and his family.

The couple has struggled with these issues, and wanted to share their experiences with an audience as a sort of warning to future military couples.

Working together, with the help of marriage counseling, has kept this couple together, but divorce rates for service members are rising. This couple is hoping to do their part in helping members of the military return to their marriages after combat.

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