Iverson and Wife Struggle Through Divorce in Georgia


Divorce is fairly common. Unfortunately, whether people live in Georgia or elsewhere, children are often involved. A messy, drawn out divorce can be unhealthy for everyone involved. Children of all ages are forced to deal with this change. Emotionally, children may bear the burden of a divorce proceeding more than anyone else involved. While a divorce is never easy, the negative effects can be lessened with cooperation.

A couple in Georgia has recently dealt with family law issues. Last June, wife of former basketball superstar Allen Iverson filed for divorce. At that time she denied allegations of infidelity. These days, however, she is singing a different tune.

She recently filed court papers in Atlanta asking Iverson to identify each and every woman he has had sexual relations with since the start of their marriage in 2001. She requested he give their phone numbers to the court as well. Some speculate that Iverson's soon to be ex-wife went this route in an effort to push for a settlement. The two parents have five children together.

In an interesting twist, experts note that she needs to be careful not to violate divorce laws. In Georgia, if Mrs. Iverson knew of her husband's extramarital affairs, but forgave him and went to counseling, she cannot later use those indiscretions against him in court.

It is easy to see why Mrs. Iverson might take this route. The moment she filed for divorce, her husband began spending large amounts of money and stopped depositing money in their joint account. She said she was having trouble paying the bills and providing for their kids, and she saw no help from Iverson.

While disagreements are likely to arise in most divorces, working together in a peaceful manner may help couples solve disputes more quickly. Often, people find it best to work with an experienced attorney who can help couples come to a resolution that is fair for everyone involved.

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