Ushers Custody Battle Continues


No matter the details and history of a case, divorce is not always an easy road. Cases involving children tend to complicate the process even further, leading to battles over child support, child custody and visitation.

A dispute over child custody may have more of an effect on children than most parents believe. Since the child is the center of the entire proceeding, he or she tends to bear the burden more than anyone else involved.

Whatever the situation, many people seek divorce. Parents and children all across the country are dealing with many of these same issues. Celebrity couples are no different.

They divorced in 2009, but R&B star Usher and his ex-wife are currently caught in a costly battle over child custody. However, new issues have surfaced after Usher refused to pay his ex-wife's legal costs.

In December of last year, Usher's ex-wife filed paperwork in hopes of obtaining full custody of her two sons, both fathered by Usher. She also requested an increase in her child support payments. Additionally, she requested that Usher pay $50,000 to cover her attorney's fees, citing substantial income differences.

Usher responded by highlighting the significant amount of money he has already dished out, approximately $25,000 for his ex-wife's legal fees.

A custody battle can take an emotional toll on parents and children. If parents are involved in a custody battle, it is in the best interests of the child that they attempt to work together in a healthy and peaceful manner. While this may be difficult considering the circumstances, a peaceful resolution will likely help children in the long run.

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