Child Support Agreements an Ever Changing Reality for Georgians


Couples in Georgia facing divorce will join many other Americans in hashing out child support agreements. In the beginning, these agreements may seem basic enough. A small child may not require much money to sustain a happy life. But the complexities of modern life have given rise to important considerations for supporting children of divorce.

As kids grow and change, so do their needs. Children take on new interests and may become involved in increasing activities as they age. In addition, they can develop medical disorders such as ADHD, which will not only cost money, but may cause parents to disagree over treatment. Each change could represent a change in child support needs.

One advisor notes the traditional gray areas in agreements often relate to extra-curricular activities. In the modern world, it is not always just what will be done, but how. For example, a summer camp through the local YMCA may be cheap, but a similar camp through a private school could cost exponentially more. Parents should agree on the parameters of these obligations to avoid conflict, if possible.

For this reason, it may be advisable to renegotiate child support agreements every few years to address the changing needs of aging children. Not only can these agreements be modified years after divorce, they can address both concerns of the individual child and societal changes.

For example, as kids near college, it may be prudent to review how the parents are going to support the teenager. With skyrocketing tuition costs, parents will want to stay up to date to avoid committing beyond their financial abilities. Experienced divorce attorneys can help couples keep tabs on their commitments.

While many other considerations can factor into child support agreements, it is important that divorcing spouses in Georgia consider the long-term effects of a child support agreement and work towards a resolution that will satisfy all parties.

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