Social Media Miscues Can Affect Divorce More


Use of social networks has become the norm for many individuals in Georgia and across the country. While seemingly innocent, some are discovering the detrimental impact their actions on social networks such as Facebook can have. Divorce is sometimes a result of this activity.

A number of people have spoken out about their experiences with social networking. One woman discovered her husband was living an entirely different life through Facebook and having relationships with more than one other woman.

Another woman was astonished at what she found when she looked at her husband's Facebook page, finding he had posted a handful of derogatory and threatening statements about her. These comments led to divorce.

Yet another woman was shocked when she opened her husband's profile and found posts about his hopes of divorcing her.

One attorney believes that social networks make reconnecting with an ex or rekindling an old relationship too easy, stating that she now has many clients who have failed marriages in connection with such social sites.

While seeming almost unreal, this situation is now occurring so often that there is even a website called This site offers stories of individuals who have had problems with spouses because of activities on Facebook or other social media websites.

What individuals posting on these sites do not realize perhaps is that things they are writing can be used against them in a number of ways, including in a family law context. Courts are beginning to use statements posted on public websites when considering alimony and child support payments or child custody in general. This blog previously reported one such incident involving a Georgia couple.

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