3 Men Are in Arrearages for Thousands of Dollars in Child Support


Couples in Georgia who happen to be parents, like many other divorcing couples, must consider how to financially support their children as two households. Discussing child support can be extremely difficult, and in times when parents are not able to agree on payments, a Georgia court may decide through a court order. When parents are not able to fulfill their obligations and are in arrears for a large amount of money, parents may consider petitioning the court for a modification to the child support order or agreement.

In Ohio, three men face penalties for failing to pay thousands of dollars in child support. Each man will be monitored to ensure that they are making their payments on time. One man who owes more than $25,000 in child support will be on a five-year monitoring plan by an adult probation department. This plan consists of monthly check-ins with a probation officer to show that the man has made his current child support payment and an average payment towards the arrearages of past child support payments. The man must also exemplify that he has maintained good behavior.

When Georgia parents fail to make their child support payments, they may face similar contempt of court actions or abandonment charges. Under some circumstances, parents may be able to modify their child support order or agreement. Typically, parents petition for a modification when there has been a significant change of conditions, such as, job loss or a child's unexpected medical expense.

There are times in which, due to changed circumstances, parents are unable to make their payments, and may consider modifying the order so that parents are able to provide financially for their children. It is important to remember that children are at the heart of every child support case.

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