How Can You Help Children Through the Divorce Process


While working through the divorce process, Georgia parents can get caught up in their own emotions and frustrations. As a result, parents may unintentionally make their children feel confused and lost as the legal split proceeds. In a divorce, it is important for parents to remember that their children are also affected. As such, there are some helpful steps worth considering that could make the process proceed smoothly for everyone involved.

In a divorce involving children, parents should be honest and open about how their lives will change. Many children worry about how the differences in having two houses and child custody arrangements may affect their lives and parents should be truthful when answering their questions. Above all, it is important to remind the kids that both of their parents love them equally, and divorce cannot change that.

It is important that when parents answer their children's questions that they respond with an age-appropriate answer. When parents decide to divorce, they should consider discussing this decision with the children together.

In Georgia, a divorce agreement generally includes a number of factors in addition to child custody and support. If couples are unable to reach an agreement on these issues, the court may resolve the issues for them. For example, if both parents believe they should have sole custody of their children and cannot agree to a shared arrangement, then the court may intervene and make a judgment. The court will determine what is in the best interests of the children, but the parents who know the children best may be able to arrive at that conclusion together if they agree to proceed in an amicable fashion.

Understandably, deciding how to settle custody, divide marital property and prepare children for divorce can be challenging for any couple; however, it is important for divorcing parents to remember that their children are often observing the parents' disagreements and it may negatively affect them. Because of this, parents should be truthful with their children and remember that divorce agreements can be resolved positively for each family member.

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