What Are the Emotional Implications of A Divorce


In Georgia and elsewhere, a couple making the decision to divorce is already challenging. This decision may be even more difficult when others attempt to give couples advice about how they should proceed in their divorce. A divorce can cause strong emotionally swings that may be a necessary step in the coping process.

When divorcing, many individuals are given the advice that it is important to remain positive and happy. While this advice may assist some, avoiding the need to grieve after a divorce may prevent an individual from resolving their feelings of loss sooner. During a divorce, individuals may face many challenges that can be stressful. Allowing these individuals to grieve and be true to their feelings, whether they are happy or sad, may be more beneficial than demanding positive thinking when they are not ready.

Divorce requires the additional stressors of deciding how to divide assets and how to financially support the children as two separate households. It is important for couples going through the divorce process to cooperate with one another. The quicker couples are able to reasonably compromise, the quicker they may move on with their lives. Couples may consider how their conduct in the divorce process may affect their families in the future. Divorcing couples with children will likely be in each other's lives for many years. Parents in the divorce process should recognize how their actions and behaviors may affect their children. Being open and honest about custody matters may lessen the tension when creating custody arrangements.

While it is important to allow divorcing individuals to heal on their own terms, it is important that they try not to let their negative feelings get involved in the legal implications of the divorce process. A divorce may have its challenges, but it is also provides individuals a fresh start and new beginnings. A divorce attorney can help assess the financial situation of debt and marriage assets. Child support and spousal support are other areas where a family law advocate can be of assistance.

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