Co Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents in Georgia


For some divorced parents in Georgia, co-parenting can be a reminder of the troubles that they had in their marriage. That is why some find it so difficult to work together and co-exist afterwards. However, they need to remember that co-parenting is for the best interests of the child and parents should not be confounded by the problems of the previous marriage. As difficult as it may seem, parents need to work together to raise their child. The following co-parenting tips can help ease the tension, as a well as help a child cope with a new parental arrangement.

Keep the status quo. After a divorce, parents often want to try something new. However, when it comes to disciplining the child, it is important to keep the status quo. Things can get chaotic during and after a divorce, and a child can get lost in the shuffle. Maintaining the same set of rules gives a child a sense of order and balance. Although having an 8 p.m. bed time may seem unimportant, such things are essential in helping a child cope.

Keep a united front. This may seem complicated for parents who could not keep their own relationship together. But being united means being consistent when it comes to disciplining a child. This means keeping the same house rules in both homes. So even if a child goes back and forth between homes, the child knows what is wrong or right. This also means that parents should not overturn decisions that they have already agreed to. At the same time, a parent should not use a child to get back at the other parent, nor should a parent vent their frustrations on a child.

Finally, Georgia divorced parents should always continue to communicate. Child custody and visitation is difficult, not only for parents, but especially for a child. Keeping the lines of communication open can help parents understand themselves, their former spouse and even their child better.

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