Rapper To Pay 6000 in Monthly Alimony and Child Support


Georgians know that spousal support can be a touchy topic when a couple splits. Many divorcing pairs have fought long and hard over alimony, not only whether spousal support is needed or deserved but also how much should be provided. For Mason Durell Betha, more popularly known as the rapper Ma$e, and his soon-to-be ex-wife, agreeing on monthly payments and other divorce issues seems to have happened relatively quickly.

Earlier this year, the couple was reportedly going to give their 12-year marriage another try, but the rapper, who is also the pastor of an Atlanta church, recently finalized the divorce. Betha will reportedly pay his wife $6,000 a month for child and spousal support. She will also have custody of the couple's children. The two apparently also agreed on what has been described as reasonable visitation rights. And as long as the rapper gives 12 hours' notice before visiting, he can spend as many as three hours a day with his children.

Whether because of celebrity divorces or the general experience of some divorcing people, alimony has gotten a bad rap. However, there is no denying the importance of spousal support, especially to a former spouse who was either a stay-at-home parent or had much lower income. Alimony helps this parent adjust to life after divorce by paying for education or employment training. By court order, it is typically provided until the former spouse is more financially self-sufficient.

When a court decides whether alimony will be provided by one spouse, it considers the duration of the marriage, the assets of both parties, the future earning capacity of both spouses and other pertinent factors. Whether a Georgian is undergoing divorce or is having trouble making alimony payments, consulting with a family law professional is generally very beneficial.

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