Property Division Can Be Settled Out of Court


Getting married is easy, but getting out of marriage, on the other hand, can be a daunting task. The legal aspects of divorce bring a lot of issues that requires cooperation from the divorcing individuals in order for it to be finalized. Property division is one of the many issues that can turn the process into a contentious one, especially if one of the spouses has the capability to hide assets.

Georgia, readers should know that not all property division cases are settled in court, while some are settled via alternative options. One of the reasons why many people try to settle property division all by themselves is because they want to keep the divorce costs down. And by using collaborative law or mediation, the divorcing individuals can talk through issues with the help of their legal representatives or a mediator and create an agreement that outlines how the property and assets are going to be divided.

Out of court settlements only apply if both spouses have built a strong foundation of trust, despite their decision to part ways. If one party suspects that the other is hiding some valuable asset, it is strongly advised to take the case to court.

In court, a family law judge will decide how the property and assets will be divided. The judge's discretion will also determine if the other party is hiding assets that can lead to an unfair and unjust settlement. It is important to understand that family law judges may not see the real story behind the divorce, and instead focus on what is the most important for them -- creating a divorce settlement.

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