How Business Owners Income Complicates Spousal Support


In the Atlanta metro area and around Georgia, one of the most important decisions facing divorcing couples is whether spousal support will be paid and, if so, how much. Very often support is awarded to a stay-at-home spouse or the one who earns less, allowing him or her to maintain a standard of living that is close to what it was during the marriage.

Alimony is more easily settled if there is a fixed income. For business owners, though, calculating spousal support can be tricky. To determine a business owner's income precisely, a spouse may have to hire an expert. Certain factors can complicate the calculation of alimony, such as returns from capital investments.

Once the facts are clear, however, both parties can proceed to calculate support. If, on the other hand, one spouse suspects the other is hiding his or her true income, then the income should be double checked until the concerned spouse is convinced of the results.

Other factors such as the length of marriage, along with each spouse's noneconomic contributions to the marriage, earning capacity and separate assets go in to determining alimony. Also, Georgia judges may account forthe conduct of both parties during the course of marriage when determining alimony. A spouse should independently analyze such factors before deciding whether to seek alimony from a soon-to-be ex-spouse.

Because alimony is part of the divorce process, family law attorneys can help spouses find an agreement that benefits both sides. Not all cases have to be litigated by a judge. Alimony and other divorce issues can be settled through negotiation or collaboration by both parties.

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