Some Tips To Achieve the Best Possible Outcome for A Divorce


Divorce is a complex process. Georgia, Georgia, residents who have experienced divorce firsthand may agree that one of the most difficult divorce issues is alimony or spousal support. Alimony can be temporary or permanent, depending on the circumstances of the divorcing couple.

Generally, the spouse who earns less income will receive enough support to maintain his or her current standard of living. Alternatively, alimony can be used for a spouse's continuing education so that he or she can rejoin the workforce.

The discussion over alimony can take its toll on the emotional and physical health of both spouses. Maintaining a healthy mind and body during the divorce process can help spouses make sound decisions. Exercise, rest and a healthy diet are some basic recommendations for keeping strong for the duration of the divorce process.

Divorce is an emotional process, and spouses should learn to deal with the negative emotions brought on by the dissolution of a relationship and then let them go. Holding onto feelings of betrayal and anger can greatly affect the divorce process. It is important to let go of bad thoughts to avoid lashing out or drawing a hard line on issues when doing so is not in one's best interest. Such behavior can drag the case through an unnecessarily lengthy legal process.

To avoid court, spouses may discuss divorce issues with a mediator who can act as a neutral party to facilitate resolution of issues. As part of mediation, spouses can discuss a fair and just amount of alimony for both parties. The length of support can also be discussed. In this respect, the law considers various factors such as the duration of a marriage, the separate property and assets of each spouse, the financial status of each party and the standard of living during the marriage.

If the divorcing spouses were not able to settle the issue through negotiation, a judge will decide the amount of alimony as part of a final divorce proceeding. In any event, a spouse should seek the legal assistance of a Georgia alimony attorney to learn more about his or her rights to ensure fairness when deciding alimony and other divorce issues.

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