Beyonces Father Finds Relief With Judges Child Support Ruling


Georgians understand that a parent raising a child alone can be difficult, especially if a parent is not present because of divorce or because the parents were never married or together. Child support is generally based on the ability of the noncustodial parent to meet the everyday expenses of the child living with the custodial parent, including education and medical expenses. When the noncustodial parent fails to meet that parent's responsibility, the other parent often becomes the subject of public attention.

Sometimes, though, a noncustodial parent who meets that responsibility can even catch a break. Matthew Knowles, father of singer Beyonce, recently enjoyed a little relief when a judge order him to discontinue payments to the mother of his three-year-old son, because of overpaid support.

The battle over child support began when the woman claimed that Knowles had gotten behind in paying $12,000 in monthly support. Based on evidence submitted by Knowles, a judge ruled that the man was incapable of paying that amount and granted a modification down to $2,485. Knowles returned to court to ask for further relief because he had been paying the initially required support of $12,000 since February 2013 even though his income had dropped.

The judge agreed that Knowles had overpaid $11,000 in support and ordered him to stop paying for now. Knowles may have to resume support in 2017 or 2018.

This case shows how parents in a lengthy court battle can make it difficult to reach a fair and just settlement. Whether through negotiation or litigation, the goal of both parents should be protecting the best interests of their children even before their own.

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